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PVP Awesomology: Truth in Advertising Part II
27 November 2009
I commented on Scott Kurtz's Awesomelogy in a post back in June. I noted that his sale on the Awesomelogy wasn't such a great sales when you looked around just a bit. Well, it's Black Friday and Scott is offering another sale. This time he says:
I’m heading to Austin on Monday to sketch inside of as many PvP Awesomologys as you crazy kids order. If you want to buy the most complete collection of PvP strips, from the beginning of the comic through 2005, now you can get it with a full page original sketch inside. And all still for cheaper than if you bought it WITHOUT a sketch in the store.
Again, the part in bold is what drew my attention, so I went to see this great price. This time the price is $90.00 (10% discount). Since the claim is better than if you bought it without the sketch at a store, let's take some quick looks online. This time it looks like shipping is free, so there is no additional  shipping costs.

At Amazon, it's 72.99 with FREE SHIPPING (27% discount). Better than Scott.
TalesOfWonder.com has it for $61.99 with shipping for 2.78 for a total of 64.77 (35% saving with shipping)
Overstock.com has it for 69.34 with shipping for $2.95 and a total of 72.29 (28% discount).

As I said before, I think everyone should directly support creators, however, creators should stand behind their words as well. It's not that hard to find a better deal. Now even if he means it's better than the price without a sketch in HIS store (pvpstuff.com) he's wrong because that price is $85.

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