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Previews Blogging: December Edition
7 December 2009
Every month, I go through Diamond's Previews to figure out what I want. From now until, I will blog about what I see that catches my attention. Keep in mind that most of my comic buying consist of #1s, collected editions (hardcovers or TPBs), or OGN (original graphic novels). I buy #1s to see if it's something that I will get later in a collected edition.

I start with Marvel because I buy a fair amount of Marvel and they are outside the main book in their own little booklet. When Marvel joins the rest of Previews, then they will cease to be first.

Marvel begins with lots of Siege stuff which I am simply skipping. It was nice of them to label all those pages with the same design to make it easy.

Page 18: Tales of the Dragon Guard #1
I've been very happy with all the Soleil books that I've read thus far. I'm skipping this 3 issue limited series to wait for the eventual hardcover release, so this series is on my hardcover buy list.

Page 53: Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z Update #1
I'm a sucker for handbooks and I have purchased a Marvel one is a long time. This update provides me with a chance to see Marvel's new handbooks and catch up on new(ish) Marvel characters.

Page 82: Kick-Ass Premeire HC
I skipped the mini-series because I wasn't really interested, but I'm a fan of JR,Jr's work. Millar is hit or miss for me, but I've been told that I should read this and since it's in my preferred format at $25 for 8 issues, I'll bite.

And now I'm skipping 8 pages of Iron Man collections. I think there is a new Iron Man movie on the way.

Page 100: Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman Vol. 1 Premiere HC
I don't like naming books after the author especially with series not created by the authors. This dates the comic and equates it with the often fkeeting popularity of the creator. Unless it's a classic run that's rarely a good position. In general, I think Reed Richards is a dick, so I have no interest in a story featuring lots of Reed Richards trying to save the world from itself.

Page 101: Incredible Hulk Vol 1: Son of Banner Premeire HC
I've been enjoying Skaar, Son of Hulk because it's essentially Hulk meets Conan the Barbarian. With this collection, they have brought Skaar to Earth which takes away from the Hulk as Conan concept but I'm willing to see where Pak is leading us.

Page 104: Captain Marvel: The Death of Captain Marvel Premeire HC
I don't think any Marvel collection is complete without the Death of Captain Marvel in some form. I've owned the original graphic novel and it'll be nice to have it and the issues that led up to it all in one hardcover.

Page 105: West Coast Avengers: Assembled Premeire HC
West Coast Avengers was the one series that I collected as a kid. I loved Hawkeye and his brash group of Avengers outsiders (Iron Man wasn't the 'true' Iron Man). My first issue was issue #25 which isn't in this collection and not likely to ever be collected, but I enjoyed all the West Coast Avengers up until John Byrne took it over.

That's it for Marvel so now it's on to the main Previews.

Dark Horse
Page 27: Savage Sword of Conan Volume 7
I like Conan. I have the first 6 volumes. No reason to stop now.

Page 28: The Chronicles of Kull Volume 2
The production on this series doesn't seem as good as the Chronicle of Conan books, but I like these Howard heroes so I'll getting all these collections of Kane, Conan and Kull.

Page 41: Eerie Archives Volume 4
Dark Horse is doing a great job on these Warren archival projects. I wish they would do Vampirella as well.

DC Comics
DC isn't really putting out very many comics that I'm interested in. I've never been a fan of too many of their characters so that's not too surprising. However, DC has grouped all their collections together making it easier for me to see what I'm really after.

Page 85: Batman and Robin Deluxe Edition Volume 1: Batman Reborn HC
This is Grayson as Batman so Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely had me hooked from the first issue of their run. The other artists thrown into the midst of what could have been a legendary run left me scratching my head, but I'm jumping unto this series with this hardcover collecting the Quitely and Tan run. The second collection should feature Cameron Stewart and the return of Quitely.

Page 90:
Tor: A Prehistoric Odyssey
Warlord the Saga TP
Wednesday Comics HC
I'm interested in everything on this page. I want Tor is HC format, so I'll skip it for now. I wish, I had followed my initial plans for Wednesday Comics of only buying the first issue. However, I purchased the entire run and although I enjoyed it, I prefer the HC format. I hate the thought of getting the HC (a more durable format) for basically the sam price of the singles.

Page 98: Mysterious the Unfathomable TP
Yet another Jeff Parker book finds it way to my shelf. I'm a fan of both Jeff and Tom Fowler and hope to see more of Mysterious in the future.

Page 100: Tom Strong Deluxe Edition HC
Tom Strong was one of my favorites of the ABC line. I wanted the HCs for years, but the trade dress wasn't consistent. I'm very glad that DC returned to collect this book in the Deluxe Edition format.

Page 102: Tom Strong's Terrific Tales HC
I've been interested in this book as well. It's unlikely to get Deluxe treatment, so I placed an order on Amazon for the 2 hardcovers collecting the series.

Page 117: Y: The Last Man Deluxe Edition Book Three HC
Another series that I'm enjoying in the Deluxe format. Ex Machina is also being released in the format and I've been seriously thinking about getting it after reading the first TPB collection. I wish DC would put Transmetropolitan in the format as I'd scoop it up in this format without a second thought.

Image Comics

Page 144: Spawn #200
I stopped reading Spawn 100 issues ago and don't feel as if I missed anything. Sad since I followed it for issue 10-100 and even went back and found the first 9 issues. Issue 10 with Cerebus still stands as my favorite issue from the entire series. I'm glad that Spawn has reached this milestone, but I'm sad that I just don't care.

Page 146: Haunt #5
I've dropped the monthly issues of Haunt in fvor of the trade. O'm intrigued enough to check out the first story arc which concludes with this issue.

Page 148: Invincible Returns #1
The Dave Finch cover is UGLY. I don't think they could have picked a worse artist for an Invinicble cover. Walker and Ottley have built Invincible using art that is the opposite of what Finch is known for and this cover shows it. Of the 4 covers featured, the Larson/Ottley cover is hands down the best as even the Dawyn Cooke cover is off.

And now unto the back of Previews

Pages 184:
Girl Genius Volume 1: Agatha Heterodyne and the Beetleburg Clank - Color Edition (Airship Entertainment)
I really want to read Girl Genius, but 96 pages for a $23 softcover collection, isn't the way to get me to do it.

Chimichanga #3 (Albatross Exploding Funny Books)
Eric Powell's new series comes to an end with this issue. I'm really looking forward to seeing what Powell has to give us other than the Goon. I hope I'm not disappointed.

Page 204: Bluewater Productions
Collections,reprints and new Obama books shipping in February (Black History Month) seem to be the lowest form of pandering. Black History Leaders? I'll skip this like I do all Bluewater books.

Page 207: The Anchor Volume 1 TP (BOOM!)
I hate.. hate... HATE... HATE.. these smaller Boom collections, but I want to read The Anchor, so I have no other choice.

Page 221: Buck Rogers Vol 1 Future Shock HC (Dynamite)
128 pages for $25 is a bit pricey, but it's Buck Rogers and it is a hardcover. I was impressed by the #0 issue, so I'm looking forward to this.

Page 238: Akira Volume 1 GN (Kodansha)
What I really want is a hardcover collection of Akira not more softcover releases of the same book.

Page 250: Sam Kieth: The Sketchbooks Vol 1 (IDW)
I love.. love .. love .. LOVE Sam Keith, but nothing is going to make me spend $10 on 48 pages. Nothing.

Page 252: Munden's Bar: Grand Re-Opening (IDW)
It's not as bad as Girl Genius, but 104 pages for $18 is still outside what I expect in a softcover collection and I like Grimjack.

And that's it for me this month. Join me back here next month.

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