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FF 306 Commission: The Corner Box
14 December 2009
Now that the pencils for the cover are off to Stacie (the inker), I've begin working on the head shots.

Above is the process from pencils to inks to colors.
Pencils by Drew Moss
Inks and Colors by Me

Inks and colors in Adobe Photoshop 7.

Close-up of the corner box.

Using the original cover as a base, I then open up Illustrator and then begin to layout the cover text over the pencils. Compare my finished letters below with the original cover lettering above.

Text in the Corner box is Arial Bold
The World's Greatest Comic Magazine and VS is Gil Sans
Diablo is Battle Scarred from Comicraft
Action, Marvel Manner! is Battle Cry from Comicraft
The comic lettering font is Silver Age from Blambot.com

The Fantastic Four logo was recreated using the free Fantique Four font from DaFont.com

I may change the bottom line of text, so the elemental's face on the right is visible along with the Thing's face on the left.

Now, we wait for the inks from Stacie.

TAGS : art, comic books, FF306

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