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Gift Certificates
30 December 2009
For Xmas, the oldest 3 children got gift certificates to the local comic book store. There is only one gift certificate per kid and each has only one.

DADDY: Child 1, where is your gift certificate?
CHILD 1: I don't know, Granny put it up?

DADDY: Child 2, where is your gift certificate?
CHILD 2: Which one?
DADDY: How many do you have?
CHILD 2: One.
DADDY: Go get it.

DADDY: Child 3, where is your gift certificate?
CHILD 3: In my room.
DADDY: Go get it.

Child 2 arrives with the gift certificate. Child 1 sees what Child 2 has.

CHILD 1: Oh, that gift certificate! Why didn't you say so? It's in my room.
DADDY: What do you mean why didn't I say so? How many gift certificates do you have?
CHILD 1: One.
DADDY: So what does Granny have?
CHILD 1: I don't know, I just made something up.

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