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From the Comments: More on PODs
2 January 2010
Taken from my Blogspot.com comments:
I just wanted to thank you for all the great information and sharing your experiences about self-publishing.
You're welcome. I've been out of publishing for most of 2009, but I'm jumping back in the waters for 2010, so expect even more information in the coming months.
I’ve been researching about using PODs like Comixpress for a while now for my own future project later this year, and found your information quite useful. It’s always great to get firsthand experience and since this will be my first introduction into self-publishing I’m trying to decided what is the best option for myself at the moment. From what I have read on various reviews of Comixpress, the company seems to a good option in terms of a having a ‘good quality’ product, but not in a reasonable printing time frame.
To be honest, I haven't used Comixpress in some time. I hope that they have fixed their turnaround issues. I do know that Nate Piekos regularly uses Comixpress to print his Atland comic, so maybe you can contact him via Blambot.com to learn his experience with Comixpress.
I do have some questions though if you have the time…
I always have time for answering questions.
1.) Would you recommend starting out with a B&W or Color for a first issue, from what I’ve been reading B&W have a difficult time selling as of late.
You can always go from black and white to color without losing readers. It's very rare that you go from color to black and white without losing readers, so if in doubt choose black and white. I can only think of Zot and Noble Causes that went from color to black and white. Both did so as a result of loss of readers.

Color versus black and white is usually all about costs and sales. With traditional printing, color is about 3-4 times more expensive than a similar black and white printing. With POD printing, black and white is generally the only way to print, maintain a competitive price, and make a decent profit.

Black and white comics have always had a difficult time selling as most traditional comic book fans favor color. However, color means the additional cost of paying for color and the additional time of coloring the comic. Those additional costs very rarely translate into enough sales to cover the costs when compared to sales on the same content in black and white.

If price and costs are not a concern, then let the content decide. I purposely do stories and work with artists in black and white because of my enjoyment of the black and white magazines. I have a regular strip which is in full color (Thomas) and will print it in full color when I reach that point with it.
2.) Is there any site in which I can find a list of indie-friendly comic stores that I can send samples too?
There are several lists that have been compiled over the years. Most are out of date and virtually useless. I suggest:
1) Join the CBIA
2) Contact your readers and ask them who there local shops are.
3.) Would you recommend starting out doing a monthly type book or selling everything as a graphic novel first?
Again, let the content decide. My preference is collections and graphic novels as they are a more durable format and generally tell complete stories.

My plan in the new year is to do collected editions of my web work as well as 32-48 paged comics that serve as lead in sales. This allows new readers to test the material without a large monetary commitment.
4.) Have you found a POD that you are satisfied with yet, I didn’t see any information about that, though I could have missed it.
My plan is to use 360 Digital. They have the best prices, good quality and allow me to a greater choice of options in printing and paper types.
Thank you again…
Again, you're welcome.

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posted 3 January 2010 by Coop
Thank you for taking the time to answer all my questions, you’ve given me a lot to consider, and as I being reviewing not only PODs in getting a graphic or one shot out, but I’ve also been considering starting out with a web comic series until I can build a fan base. Currently I’m trying to get caught up on some work, flesh out the rest of my story and characters, and getting my own blog up, so I definitely be looking in on you time to time. I do have a DA page, which I use so I’ll add you to my watcher list, and look forward in seeing more of your work in future… Thanks again, and I wish you well in your endeavors…

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