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Previews Blogging: January Dark Horse, DC and Image Edition
20 January 2010
Every month, I go through Diamond's Previews to figure out what I want. I blog about what I see that catches my attention. Keep in mind that most of my comic buying consist of #1s, collected editions (hardcovers or TPBs), or OGN (original graphic novels). I buy #1s to see if it's something that I will get later in a collected edition

This is the Dark Horse, DC and Image Edition.


Page 40 : Conan Volume 8: Black Colossus
As I've said over and over again, I love this Conan series. I love Conan in general, but Busiek, Mignola, and Truman have made this series  something special.

Page 41 : Barry Windsor-Smith Conan Archives
I already have these stories in the Chronicles of Conan TPB format, but the BWS run on early Conan from Marvel is worth having in HC format. I'd love to see then give the same treatment (but in black and white) to the Buscema, Chan and Alcala stories from Savage Sword of Conan.

Page 43 : Edgar Rice Burroughs' John Carter of Mars: The Jesse March Years
I'm glad to see this collection, but I'm nit buying it. I'm glad to see this collection because maybe it means that we'll see a better comic book adaptation of the Mars Trilogy. I would have considered buying this IF it wasn't $30 for 120 pages. Compare that 25 cents/page to 152 pages for Conan Vol 8 for $25 (16.4 cents/page) or 288 pages of the BWS Conan Archives for $50 (17.3 cents/page). For me that's a bit too much for material that I never cared about beyond it being Jon Carter.

Lots of Blackest Night stuff that I don't care for. This event has really gone on for quite a while.

Page 71 : Detective Comics #863
It appears that Batwoman is continuing in Detective without JH Williams III on art chores. I'm not sure that Jock is a suitable replacement, but Rucka alone may be enough to have me check out the inevitable collection version.

Page 80 : First Wave #1
Any time you want to introduce a new character to the DC Universe, you do it with Batman. I'm not sure why we have Savage, Batman and the Spirit, but it'll be interesting to see how Azzarello plays with the pulp origins of these 3 characters.

Page 83 : Jonah Hex: No Way Back HC
I like that DC is trying out OGNs with their proven teams. DeZuniga on Hex with Palmiotti and Gray is a no brainer. Even the price is right.

Page 89 : Nemesis: The Imposters #1
Both Marvel and DC are releasing Nemesis books in the same month? That sounds like a move that could  lead to just a bit of confusion.

Page 92 : The Warlord #12
A fantasy comic with a Death Dealer homage isn't too original, but I like seeing Frazetta homages.

DC's TPB and HC pricing is all over the map. You have TPBs with similar page counts as HCs but only $2 less. There are 224 paged HC for the same price as 128 paged HCs.

Page 99 : Dong Xoai, Vietnam 1965 HC
At any price and in any format, you can't go wrong with Joe Kubert  doing war comics. 200 pages for $25 buts this HC at the same price per page as a 32 paged comic for $4.

Page 106 : Ex Machina Deluxe Edition Book 3 HC
I'm a big fan of the DCs Deluxe Edition. I think I'mm buying every series that is coming out in the format. It helps that these series are some of the best that DC has to offer like Preacher, Fables, Tom Strong, Y: the Last Man and  of course, Ex Machina. I'm patiently awaiting for Sandman to be released in this format.

Page 107 : Sparta: USA #1
I have no idea what to expect with this book. It looks post apocalyptic yet set in modern times. I'm going to check out this first issue based upon the strength of the art and Lapham as a storyteller.

Page 116 : American Vampire #1
Stephen King is every where as DC joins Marvel and Del Rey in bringing Stephen King stories into comic format. This however is an original story with Scott Snyder co-writing. I'm very interested to see what King delivers.

Page 121 : 100% TP
This reminded me that I need to pick up 100% in HC format. Amazon has them in stock so Ultimate Comics (my local store) should be able to get me a copy

Page 126 : The Sandman Vol 1: Preludes and Nocturnes TP New Edition
DC is releasing the first new TPB of the Sandman series with the remastered art from the Absolute version. As I mentioned above, I'm holding out for the Deluxe Edition HC which can be too far off now.

Page 144/ 145 :
Haunt #6
Haunt Vol 1 TP
As of issue #6, it looks like Ottley is off Haunt and back to Invincible full time. Capullo and McFarlane are taking over the full art duties for #6 and only for one issue, so I wonder who will be taking over the series.

I read the first 2 issues of Haunt and I'm going to pick up this first TPB. I really reads much like the original Spawn, so  I'm hoping that the first TPB comes to some conclusion. If not, I'm definitely not picking up more.

Page 147 : Spawn Origins: Book One HC
I'm wondering why this book is missing issue #9. This is the infamous Neil Gaiman issue with Angela. I would say it was McFarlane being a dick and just not wanting to pay Gaiman for the reprint, but the more expensive Deluxe Edition included issues 1-25.  Issue #10 is my all time favorite issue of Spawn and I'd love to have it in HC format, but I'm not a fan of Miller's issue #11. So without #9 but with #11, I'm just going to skip it until McFarlane bites the bullet and gives me the collection I want. I haven't read Spawn in years, so I'm in no hurry to rush out and buy an incomplete collection.

Page 155 : Viking Vol 1: The Long Cold Fire HC
I was patiently waiting for a Viking collection fully expecting a TP, but they are delivering a HC. Even at over 16 cents/page, I'm willing to shell out for this book.

Page 157 : The Mice Templar Vol 2: Destiny Part 1 HC
Volume 2 coming out means that I have to finish reading Volume 1.

Up next, the rest of the book.

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