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Previews Blogging: January Edition - Everything Else
22 January 2010
Every month, I go through Diamond's Previews to figure out what I want. From now until, I will blog about what I see that catches my attention. Keep in mind that most of my comic buying consist of #1s, collected editions (hardcovers or TPBs), or OGN (original graphic novels). I buy #1s to see if it's something that I will get later in a collected edition.

This covers everything else in Previews.

Page 196 : Okko: The Cycle of Air #1 (Archaia)
It looks like Archaia is back up and running. I love most of the work that they put out and I love their HC only position. If this wasn't being published by Archaia, I hope that we'd see the English translation at Marvel. Lovely work.

Page 225 :
Toy Story: The Return of Buzz Lightyear (BOOM!)
The Muppet Show Comic Book: On the Road
Wall-E: Recharge (BOOM!)
My kids love these Disney books from Boom! and I would love to have them in HC format. However, I would never pay $25 for about 100 pages. Never.... so I'll be getting the TPBs. I still wish BOOM! would produce standard sized collected editions.

Page 264 : FX2: The Lost Land #1 (IDW)
Warmageddon Illustrated #1 Variant Cover artist, Uko Smith, is working on interiors on this title at IDW. The original series featured art by John Byrne.

Page 271 :

Li'l Abner Vol 1 (IDW)
The Library of American Comics starts collecting another classic comic. I've skipped out on many other of these classic comic collections, but I'm on board for Li'l Abner.
Torpedo Vol 2 (IDW)
The solicitation for Vol 2 made me look for Vol 1 which has not yet shipped. Jodi Bernet is a modern master and I look forward to reading this.

Wow, that's pretty short for everything else! I'm going back to include the FCBD books as well.

Page 18 :
Mouse Guard/ Fraggle Rock (Archaia)
I own both Mouse Guard HCs and anxiously await the newest series. There is no way I'm going to pass up a free Mouse Guard comic.
Shrek and the Penguins of Madagascar (Ape)
Toy Story (BOOM!)
These seem like no brainers when it comes to free intro books for young readers. These books should be all-ages so that parents will enjoy the books as much as the kids.

Page 19 : Marvel and DC
Marvel and DC just don't have my interest with either of these. I may pick them up just because they are from the BIG TWO, but I'm not particularly interested in Superman or Iron Man. Thor was interesting under JMS, but now that JMS has moved on, so have I.

Page 20 : Fearless Dawn (Asylum)
Steve Mannion always produces something just plain entertaining in a retro edgy way. I love his black and white art.

Page 21 :
The Overstreet Guide to Collecting Comics (Gemstone)
I've graduated from a collector to a reader, but I'm interested in seeing what wisdom Gemstone's guide will impart.
Library of American Comics #0 (IDW)
I'm interested in some of IDW's collections, but not enough to order them sight unseen. I'm getting this from Rip Kirby and Bloom County but could be won over by Williamson's Secret Agent Corrigan and Young's Blondie.

There are some more FCBD books that I may pick up like Atomic Robo, Owly, The Stuff of Legends, and Bongo's, but I'll see once I get there with the kids. For me, FCBD is largely about introducing them to comics that they would not normally check out.

I'll see you back here next month for more Previews.

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