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Previews Blogging: February Dark Horse, DC and Image Edition
3 February 2010
Every month, I go through Diamond's Previews to figure out what I want. I blog about what I see that catches my attention. Keep in mind that most of my comic buying consist of #1s, collected editions (hardcovers or TPBs), or OGN (original graphic novels). I buy #1s to see if it's something that I will get later in a collected edition

This is the Dark Horse, DC and Image Edition.

If Marvel has it's own book why do they ever get a Previews cover?

Dark Horse

Page 31: Chronicles of Conan Volume 19
I buy most Conan books, we both know this, so this should not come as a surprise. This collects 7 more issues of the Marvel run of Conan the Barbarian and brings up to issue 150 and leave 125 issues more to collect. Eventually the quality of the Conan stories begins to fail and I have no desire to have those collections. The question is is and when will I stop with these collections? My guess is maybe Volume 25 which will bring it close to issue 200.

Page 33: The End League Vol. 2
I love Canete's art, so I may buy this and the previous volume as there is probably little chance that Dark Horse will collection these 9 issues into 1 volume.

Page 36: Red Tide
Hardcover. Jim Sterenko. Dave Stewart.

Page 46: Beasts of Burden
Hardcover. Evan Dorkin. Jill Thompson.
Okay, it's not the same, but this hardcover collects all the Beasts of Burden stories in one book.

Page 47: Creepy Archives
The Creepy and Eerie collections are my favorite reprint collections. I look forward to each and every one as I anxiously await for Vampirella to get the same treatment.

DC Comics
From the Blackest Night, we get the Brightest Day... I'm a long time GL fan and I was excited about the Sinestro War, but soon became bored with Blackest Night as it began to grow in size and scope. I hope DC limits the scope on BD so that I may check out more of their books.

Page 79: The Spirit #1
Mark Schultz is the writer. Moritat is the interior artist with Ladronn on covers. AWESOME! Throw in Denny O'Neil and Sienkiewicz and I just may buy this book in singles. I look forward to what this one brings.

Page 87:
Cover Run: The DC Comics Art of Adam Hughes HC
This book is a no-brainer for DC. It should be a top seller. too bad it's not a complete set of all the covers. I'm on the fence about this one. If it's cheap enough online, I may buy it.

Batwoman: Elegy Deluxe Edition HC
This is the book that I've been waiting to read. The art by Williams is wonderful and Rucka rarely goes wrong with a story. DC has put it in a format that I'm almost guaranteed to buy, so all they need to do is ship it and I'm there!

Page 108: World of Warcraft Book 3 HC
25 issues of the this series was released, this one collects issues 15- 21. Are they really planning a 4 issue collection with book 4? I'm a fan of fantasy  and sword and sorcery and this a a mix of both. I was expecting Simonson to deliver something epic, but while not epic, it's entertaining.

Page 112: Codename: Knockout Vol 1: The Devil You You Say
I loved this series when it came out. It was fun without being too slapstick and never really took itself too serious. It's a bit like Danger Girl, but not so over the top and the focus is just one girl. When I gave up all my single issues, this was one comic that I feared would never be collected. I hope this first collection means that there are more on the way.

Page 117: Transmetropolitan Vol 7: Spider's Thrash TP
This is Warrne Ellis and Darick Robertson. Why? Why? Why isn't this is Deluxe Hardcovers yet? I refuse to buy this until DC bring it to me in Deluxe HC. However, I love this series and read it in singles and TPB multiple times.

Page 119: Stuck Rubber Baby HC
I already had this on my shelf and so should you. It's a poignant tale about being a gay white young man in the South during the dawning of the Civil Rights era.  Even though I own an older version, I'm seriously considering buying a copy of this new edition. It's books like this that capture the importance can reach for outside of superheroes.

Image Comics

Page 140: Turf #1
Tommy Lee Edwards is a local artist and all I've heard about is Turf for a while. I think this type of book works well for Tommy art. I think any book works well with Tommy's art. After reading the preview, I'm sold on this .. in collected form.

Page 148: Haunt #7
Capullo and McFarlane are now the official art team on Haunt. The similarities between Haunt and Spawn are too obvious to miss, but I'll hold judgment until I've read the first story arc.

Page 151: Armageddon Now: Anti-Christ OGN
Liefeld should only be allowed to release books as completed works and only when they are complete. Anyone want to take bets on when this ships?

Page 155:
Chew Vol 2: International Flavor TP
If you're readin Chew then you're missing one of the most original stories that has come along in quite a while.

Elephantmen Vol 3 : Dangerous Liaisons HC
Starkings manages to consistently put together one of the best pure sci-fi series AND manages to find some of the best artists AND has intriguing stories.

Page 157: Madman Atomic Comics Vol 3: Electric Allegories! TP
This finishes the collection of Allred's Madman and my collection of Madman TPBs. I always love reading and looking at Allred's work and look forward to reading this volume.

Page 157: Underground TP
I said month's ago that if this made it to TPB, I would buy it. It's in TPB and I'm buying it. Parker and Lieber together is a no-brainer.

Up next, the rest of the book.

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