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The Waiting Game
23 March 2010
I've pretty much decided that I'll be using 360 (see previous blog) for all my book printing. However, occasionally, I want to print other books or just want to print something with less than 1 month turnaround. For those order, I would like to use Ka-Blam and/or ComixPress. I haven't decided which one because they both offer something different.
Comixpress is the first comic book specific POD service. I've spoken with Logan on several occasions and overall, I've been satisfied with ComixPress's product. What I didn't like was the service. However, ComixPress is the cheapest of the comic book specific services.
With ComixPress this time, I'm printing 2 saddle-stitched books. One is 48 pages 8" x 10.5". The order is 24 pages 8"x8". Being in a hurry, I rushed through the order and made several mistakes.
Mistake #1 : I supplied the wrong address. I had them shipping to me at home, but I really want them shipped to to the con. I sent a note via the contact page to let them know about the address change.  I sent the note immediately on 21 March 2010. So far I haven't heard from them about the order at all.
Mistake #2: I supplied the wrong file location. I didn't notice until I was checking the order status tonight, and so I sent another message to them via the contact page tonight (23 March 2010). Additionally, I sent the right address for shipping again.
For both notes, I received confirmation of receipt of the note, but thus far no action has been taken on the notes.
Ka-Blam is the first service NOT to charge a service fee. I don't think the product quality at Ka-Blam is the same as ComixPress, but it's very close. The prices are a little bit more. However, Ka-Blam has Strathmore covers. I'm planning on using Ka-Blam to do a series of sketch covers for the books, so I placed orders with them.

I'd decided to do 2 books instead of one, so my orders were placed 5 days apart. I sent a note to Ka-Blam asking them to expedite the second order, so that it shipped with the first order, and to charge me expedited order. My fault, so I should bear the brunt of the mistake. I sent that message via there message system right after placing the second order on 21 March 2010. 
So far there's been no response AND no request for money from either (they both send invoices via PayPal.com). I also want to get a couple quotes from 360 for the ComixPress books as those will be the ones that I go back to print with, so I want to get the best pricing.
I'll keep you updated as I get more information.
UPDATE : 24 March 2010
I just received word from ComixPress that the have received the new link to the files and have updated the delivery address. Everything is now in order with ComixPress.


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