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Rebranding Bull City Comics
30 March 2010
I've been wanting to expand, rebuild, and rebrand Bull City Comics (BCC) for a while. BCC started around 2000. I was working on LongBox.com and was buying enough new comic books monthly that it was easier to just buy direct from Diamond Comics. I set up BCC to take pre-orders and sell through comics I no longer needed. It was designed to integrate with the LongBox.com database for information and covers. It was a show piece more than a business.

Shortly after LongBox.com went down. I converted BCC over to osCommerce. osCommerce is a PHP store package. Being an ASP web developer, I was able to make some small changes to osCommerce, but between work and an every growing family, my time was better off spent finding something that was easier for me to edit. It was then that I discovered CandyPress.
CandyPress was then in version 3, so I used it and upgraded it and then everything was fine. I'd finally gotten everything where I was happy with it and then... I sold most of my comic books and started making my own.
BCC had lost it's point by then and just languished around. I managed to find a job as an ASP web developer with JLS Media and one of the main pieces of software used was CandyPress. having already edited and played with the insides of CandyPress  was a huge advantage with my new job. However, my new job also made me less likely to continue to mess around with BCC.
The next step for BCC came when I decided to self-publish Warmageddon. Then I opened up the Warmageddon store using CandyPress 4. This allowed me to sell Warmageddon stuff online, biut was a bit short sighted as there were many more projects that I was working on and/or wanted to work on. Soon the Warmageddon store expanded into the new BCC which carried Warmageddon projects as well as my other projects.
What's next for BCC? Enter Jamie Roberts!
Jamie is an illustrator that I've worked with on several projects over that last few years. He has a unique flair for vector based illustrations and I thought he'd be perfect to design the new BCC logo for the new BCC site. Below is his first pass at the new logo graphic.
Stay tuned for more.

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