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The Waiting Game: Ka-Blam Update
2 April 2010
I just checked Ka-Blam to see what was going on with my order and their was a message and invoice waiting. It's been waiting since March 27th. I didn't receive notification about the message or the invoice, so there's one week wasted.
When you place an order with Ka-Blam, be sure to check back regularly. Now I'm heading over to ComixPress to make sure there's nothing there for me to respond to.


posted 17 March 2011 by Dario
Have you tried other printers? I actually used Ka-Blam for my blue boards and I found that some are skewed. The blue instruction line are not entirely aligned with the board and also the logos at the bottom eat a lot of space for art. So I don't think I'll be using them again. I'm looking at Print Pelican out of Florida. I was in contact with one of their agents last year. So for my anthology books and digest, I'll try them out. They sent me a sample book for my review and stuff.

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