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Previews Blogging: May Dark Horse, DC, IDW, and Image Edition
19 May 2010
Every month, I go through Diamond's Previews to figure out what I want. I blog about what I see that catches my attention. Keep in mind that most of my comic buying consist of #1s, collected editions (hardcovers or TPBs), or OGN (original graphic novels). I buy #1s to see if it's something that I will get later in a collected edition

This is the Dark Horse, DC, IDW and Image Edition.
Page 24-26: Doctor Solar, Man of Atom #1
Dr Solar is back. I don't really car,e but I thought I'd mention it. The art previews don't make me want to pick up this book at all. PASS.
Page 31:
The Savage Sword of Conan Volume 8
The Chronicles of Kull Volume 3
I'll be honest and say that I haven't read through volume 1 of either of these collection series, but I'll get around to reading them one day and I'll be adding these collections to that pile of TPBs to read.
Page 32: Conan: The Newspaper Strips Volume 1
This is a collection of the Conan newspaper strips from 4 Sept 1978 until 12 April 1981. I'm not sure why this is labeled volume one as it covers the full run fo the Conan newspaper strip, so there will be no more volumes. Lately, I've been reading a lot of adventure newspaper strips. I'll be glad to add these Conan stories to that pile.
Page 33: Fear Agent #28
My buddy, Mike Hawthorne, is working on this (the last Fear Agent arc), so I'm looking forward to grabbing this and all the other Fear Agent collections.
Page 35: Empowered Volume 6
 Empowered started out as a guilty pleasure as I love Adam Warren's American manga art style. However, his writing has always been his true strength and makes what started out a weird fetish superhero into a not to be missed original graphic novel series.
 Brightest Day is still going and DC dedicates 10 full pages to it.
Page 78: Batman: Odyssey #1
I'm vaguely curious to see what NEal Adams will be bringing to Batman after all these years. I really hope this series is more than just Neal's awesome pencils and stellar inkers. I'm waiting for the HC collection for this one. A series like this is just begging for HC treatment. Of course, I said the same thing about Justice and I'm still waiting for a HC release.

Page 89: The Spirit #4
I'm a bit disappointed that Schultz in no longer writing the series, but Moritat is still on art, so the first trade will have some artistic continuity.
Page 106-107: Ex Machina #50
I'm enjoying this series in Deluxe HC format which means with Volume 2, I'm almost 1/2 way through the series. It's political thriller mixed with just a little bit of the superhero and it's Brian K. Vaughn.
Page 127: The Unwritten Vol 2. Inside Man TP
After reading the first TPB of this series, I've been interested in seeing where it will go after the first arc. It's a bit Harry Potter and leaves you wondering just who is Tom Taylor.
Page 151: Richard Stark's Parker: The Man with the Getaway Face - a Prelude to the Outfit
I doubt anyone who read Parker needs this prelude to decide if they are going to pick up this second adaptation. I think most of us will be picking up this one-shot prelude because we can't wait for the new OGN. I'm patient, I think I can wait.
Page 174-175: Sweets #1 (of 5)
I know that every creator need as much support for a new series as possible, but I think Sweets is strong enough to make it a TPB without me needing to buy the singles. Kody Chamberlain is a great talent. This story hits all his strong points as a storyteller. I hope it's successful and gives Kody the chance to do more projects similar to this in tone and genre.
Page 176-177: Dawn: Not to Touch the Earth
I used to be a huge Dawn fan and then I grew up, but it's still nice to see new Dawn material begin released... even if I'm not buying or reading it.
Page 182: Chew: The Omnivore Edition Vol 1 HC
Having made it through the first Chew TPB, I was hooked ont he series and ready to purchase the next TPB. Now I don't have to as the series will be available in my preferred format.
Page 183: Thej Crusades Vol 1: Knight HC
This was a Vertigo book that was released near the same time as Codename: Knockout. It's interesting that DC is reprinting Codename: Knockout, but not this series. Hopefully, this HC will lead to the rest of the series being collected as well, so I have a completed set of the series once again.
 Page 184: Four Eyes Vol 1 Forged in Flames TP
The art on this book is awesome.Having dragon fighting replace cock fighting as an underground sport is genius.

The wait for each issue was long. I'm glad I'm a trade waiter because I finally get the story without the pain of waiting for each chunk of the story to be released.
Page 185: Invincible Presents Vol 1: Atom Eve & Rex Splode TP
Invincible is hands down one of the best PG-13 superhero comics on the market. I'm glad to see these mini series collected. I'd love to see a series featuring Immortal and Dupli-Kate.
Page 186:
The Mice Templar Vol 2.2: Destiny Part 2
Orc Stain Vol 1 TP
These 2 collections being on my list should surprise no one.
Page 195: Savage Dragon #162
I avoid reading the solicitation text for Savage Dragon because I don't want to have any clue about what may happen. This is a must buy every month for me.
And that brings this portion of my Previews walkthrough to an end. Join me back here for the next (and final) section for this month.

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