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Spawn Origins: Book One HC and Spawn #10
16 May 2010
Back a few months ago I said:
Page 147 : Spawn Origins: Book One HC I'm wondering why this book is missing issue #9. This is the infamous Neil Gaiman issue with Angela. I would say it was McFarlane being a dick and just not wanting to pay Gaiman for the reprint, but the more expensive Deluxe Edition included issues 1-25. Issue #10 is my all time favorite issue of Spawn and I'd love to have it in HC format, but I'm not a fan of Miller's issue #11. So without #9 but with #11, I'm just going to skip it until McFarlane bites the bullet and gives me the collection I want. I haven't read Spawn in years, so I'm in no hurry to rush out and buy an incomplete collection.
Well it appears that McFarlane did release the HC with 1-12 complete! So now it sits beside me waiting to be read. I remember buying these back in 1993. I've read Spawn #10 for the first time in  years and it's a timely now as ever.
I look forward to Dave Sim finally getting around to publishing the Cerebus MiscellaneousVolume.

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