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The Waiting Game: Finale
25 July 2010
It's been a while, so let me deliver my final report on the service and product.
My ComixPress proofs were upload on 13 April 2010. About 9 days before I needed to receive them in Monroeville. I reviewed and okayed them. I was apparently sent an invoice 3 days later on 16 April 2010 and then a follow-up invoice on 20 April 2010. I received neither. However, I did receive a notice from Jodi on 21 April 2010 asking if I received the invoices. At this point, it was too late to have the items on time for the convention, so I cancelled the order. If I use ComixPress in the future, it will be only when I'm not in a time crunch. It's really disappointing that it took almost 4 weeks for them to send invoices (that I did not receive).
Ka-Blam on the other hand came through and we had the books a couple days before leaving for the con. My problem with the Ka-Blam books is simple the quality and printing.
1) The Strathmore covers don't bend too well, so the spine is more crinkled than creased. The process of folding the cover breaks the inks, so if you have a black band running along the front and back covers (like I did on the Tiegre book), then the black ink in cracked on the spine.
2) I had a element on both covers that was supposed to be parallel to the bottom edge of the cover. Because of the trimming on the cover, these elements were not parallel. For the extra $2 for the cover, I expected better attention to printing.
I don't think there will be a problem selling the books that I did receive, however, I will not be ordering any more.


posted 8 August 2011 by spearcarrier
Between Comixpress and Kablam, Kablam at least sort of delivers. Of their distribution cycles, Comixpress is yet to catch up their database in regards to the last several issues of one of my comics despite repeated requests.

Comixpress does take a while to present an invoice. Kablam has taken a while at times, as well. I have to check Kablam's account repeatedly. The notices don't always go out.

Kablam will put our comics into their distribution for a fee.

After paying the fee, the comic was still ignored until they were approached with proof of transaction. Then things were credited properly.

With Kablam I have had more than three errors on their side. Approach them as politely as possible, and I have received defensive responses blaming me and my business. One such error resulted in a loss of over $100 for comics that were shipped to the wrong address and weren't even printed properly.

There's more and beyond that is just plain complaining: I just wanted to comment that of the two I would prefer a third party if one could be found.

posted 25 October 2011 by Juan A Stewart
I feel the same way about both Ka blam and Comixpress. Did you find that 3rd part yet. I need another option to print my work. Juan

posted 25 October 2011 by Jamal Walton
I haven't used anyone still in business other than the Ka-Blam and ComixPress. For my next comics, I will be using http://www.comixwellspring.com

posted 25 October 2011 by Juan A Stewart
Thanks I'll check this site out.

posted 26 October 2011 by Juan A Stewart
Thanks again I'm guessing you know the quality of their service. Hopefully every goes well with my order. Thanks, Juan

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