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Previews Blogging: June
15 June 2010
Every month, I go through Diamond's Previews to figure out what I want. From now until, I will blog about what I see that catches my attention. Keep in mind that most of my comic buying consist of #1s, collected editions (hardcovers or TPBs), or OGN (original graphic novels). I buy #1s to see if it's something that I will get later in a collected edition.

This covers everything in Previews.
MARVEL COMICS (Marvel Previews)
Page 10: Sky Doll : Lacrima Christi #2 (of 2)
For me, Soleil is still Marvel's best line. I've yet to be disappointed in one of their hardcovers. I imagine that these 2 issues will be reprint with the previous 2 issues mini series.
Page 35: Captain America: the 1940s Newspaper Strip #3
I'm really curious to see this. I'm even more curious to see how this is going to be collected. I have to constantly remind myself that Karl Kesel is not the same person as Karl Kerschl.
Page 50: Hawkeye and Mockingbird #3
This series is still going with no signs of cancellation. I've very happily surprised because hopefully I'll get at least one TPB of one of my favorite WCA couples.
Page 62: Steve Rogers: Super-Solider #2 (of 4)
I didn't realize that this was a mini series. The only reason I'm even mentioning this books is because Pacheco drew Steve's head really small.
Page 82: Secret Invasion HC
Secret Invasion is now collected, so now I'll be able to make some sense out of what's going on. Why is Mockingbird alive and not a Skrull. I'll probably have to grab a Seige HC as well,
Page 100
Husk Premiere HC
Tales of the Dragon Guard Premiere HC
2 Soliel HCs this month means $45 leaving my pocket.
and that's all for Marvel previews.
There are covers with 9 Daredevil, 9 with Spider-Man, 9 with Wolverine, 6 with Iron Man and 5 with Deadpool. Remember when did Deadpool, Iron Man and Daredevil were B characters?
And now on to the main Previews book.
Page 26-27: 1 for $1 Program
Dark HOrse has 6 books that it will be making available for $1. the only one of the 6 that I;m interested in and haven't read is Usagi Yojimbo. The only other that I havne't read is Aliens Vs Predators and I have no intentions to read it.
Page 33
The Chronicles of Conan Volume 20
Conan Volume 9
Originally, I had my doubts about how far Dark Horse would go with the Conan reprints from Marvel. There's only about 30 more issues with Buscema art. I'm along for the long haul, but they stories and art  do start getting weaker with Thomas and Buscema gone.
Page 34: Solomon Kane Volume 2: Death's Black Rider
Allie won me over with the first Kane series from Dark Horse, so I'm along for the ride now.
Page 38: De: Tales
Moon and Ba won me over with Daytripper and now I'll read anything by the 2 of them almost sight unseen.
Page 51: Scary Godmother
One of the best comics to come from Sirius Entertainment was Scary Godmother. Sirius hasn't produced much since Drew hayes death and I feared that this book was be lost. It's great to see it being reprinted and hopefully we'll see new stories from Jill Thompson.
Page 68: Superman: Earth One HC
I had high hopes for DC's Earth One line of original graphic novels, but I have little interest in Superman and even less interest in Superman at 132 pages for $20.
Page 88: Superman/Batman #75
There seem to be a lot of unfinished covers on DC books this month. This book is notable because it features an Adam Hughes Supergirl/Batgirl story.
Page 101: Luthor HC
This is not so much a Superman story as it is a story about Lex Luthor. Joker by the same team was a solid story so I'll try this one as well.
Page 111: Astro City: The Dark Ages 2 - Brothers in Arms HC
Astro City is a celebration of super hero concepts told from different vantage points. I'd loved almost every single issue, so it's time for me to start collecting this series once again and enjoy all this stories anew.
Page 132: Y: the Last Man Deluxe Edition Book 4 HC
I go through these books as  soon as they come in. This is one of my favorite series of HCs. I still wish DC would give Transmetropolitan the same treatment.
Page 145: Dungeons & Dragons #0
I don't know a fantasy fans who isn't waiting to pick up this comic. I just hope IDW does a good job with the license. This is fertile ground for so many stories that I'm sure we'll see many D&D books rolling out soon. Andrea DiViro formerly of CrossGen's First and Brath is a good choice as the artist. He's grown much stronger as an artist while at Marvel.
Page 155: Sword of Dracula
I guess IDW printed a lot of these back in 2005 because they are soliciting the book again. Oddly enough there is nothing noting that it's an older book. I remember thinking it was expensive in 2005. I thought the original price was $19.99, but now it's $14.99, so I could be remembering incorrectly. The concept is Dracula with more control over blood and essentially a terrorist that Ronny Van Helsing must stop. I suspect this is a primer for new Sword of Dracula material.
Brief aside... 
IDW seems to be following in Dark Horse's tracks. They've been extremely successful with licenses and creator owned material.
Page 168-171: Guardians of the Globe #1
This looks interesting. I'll pick it up when Kirkman collects it.
Page 196: Savage Dragon #163
I'm not sure where Larsen is going with Dragon reverted back to the Emperor Kurr personality. Kurr is not a particular pleasant fellow so I can't imagine this lasting too long,but I don't see any way for us to get the good Dragon back.
Page 228: Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard #4 (Archaia)
The final issue of this series brings the strongest creator line-up with Karl Kerschl, Craig Rousseau, Mark Smylie and of course David Peterson. My only frustration is the lettering my David Peterson, but even that I've been able to get by as it's gotten better in this series.
Page 244: Dante's Divine Comedy HC (Bloomsbury)
I love Dante's Divine Comedy, and I'd love to see it in comic book format, but... I have no idea about who Seymour Chwast is and I'm not familiar with his art. Nothing online has returned anything about the art of this book,s o I'm left wondering if I should bother.
Page 258: Bone Tall Tales HC (Cartoon Books)
If it's Bone in comic form with Jeff Smith involved then I'm  there.
... and that's it for this month! Although, I may pick up The Art of Drew Struzan (page 336), but it's not a comic book.

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