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Previews Blogging: September Edition
10 September 2010
Every month, I go through Diamond's Previews to figure out what I want. From now until, I will blog about what I see that catches my attention. Keep in mind that most of my comic buying consist of #1s, collected editions (hardcovers or TPBs), or OGN (original graphic novels). I buy #1s to see if it's something that I will get later in a collected edition.

This covers everything that caught my eye in this month's Previews.
Marvel Previews
Page 10: The Stand: Hardcases #5 (of 5)
This mini series ends which means that the hardcover is on it's way. I'm enjoying this series of mini series (in hardcover format). Marvel is getting much more money from me than King did when I read the novel.
Page 13: Ozma of Oz #1 ( of 8)
The next Oz series is coming. I love these books and Young's character designs. I love most of Jae Lee's work, but I have to question Marvel having a Jae Lee variant cover on this all ages book.
Page 102: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Vol 2: Chameleons Premiere HC
Ultimate Spider-Man is the only Spider-Man that I read. I love the concept of Spider-Man, but the current Marvel 616 Spider-Man is not the Spider-Man that I want to read, so I'm thankful for the ever entertaining Ultimate universe Spider-Man.

Page 106: Sky Doll Space Ship Premiere HC
It's from Soliel. I should have learned to speak French so I could read these books when they are originally released.
That's it for Marvel, so let's move on to the main Previews book.
Dark Horse
Page 22: Kull: The Hate Witch #1 (of 4)
If Dark Horse wants me to read Kull, then they are going to have to do much better than the cover by Tim FLEMing. It's not a bad cover (I've seen worse), but there's a disconnect between Kull's face and the rest of the image.
Page 43: Michael Moorcock's Elric of Melniborne Volume 1
I'm getting this largely because of P Craig Russell's art. I'm hoping Dark Horse gets the rest of his body of work back into print (especially the series that were published by them).
Page 54: John Carter of Mars: Weird Worlds
This TPB is collecting the John Carter stories that were published by Dell and DC in Tarzan and Weird Worlds.
DC Comics
Page 64: Batwoman #0
DC is putting a lot of the Bat family books in the hands of artists. This one is being written and drawn by JH Williams III. There is a new Batman series by Dave Finch and one by Tony Daniel. There's also Batman/Catwoman by Chaykin and Odyssey by Neal Adams. I'm only interested in this one and the colelcted version of Odyssey.
Page 91: The Spirit #8
I really curious about how the Spirit co-features will be collected. I hope that DC decides to put them all together in a single black and white collection as they often sound like that would be better than the regular series. In this case, written by Walter Simonson with art by Jordi Bernet.
IDW Publishing
Page 156: Shockrockets 
I love IDW's reprint projects and I'm glad to see out of print Busiek projects returning.

Page 157: Rip Kirby Vol 3
Alex Raymond's art is amazing. IDW seems to be reprinting 3 years at a time, so this series has one more volume before Raymond's death in 1956.
NOTE: the covers shown in Previews are from Volume 1 and 2.

Image Comics
Page 172: Bomb Queen VI # (of 4)
Bomb Queen is a guilty pleasure and since it is colelcted in TPB format, I simply wait for the TPBs.
Page 177: Battle Chasers Anthology HC
1) What makes this book an anthology? It's a single unfinished story not an anthology.
2) Why is Madureira putting this together unfinished?
3) You can get the entire series in single issues for much less than this. Right now 1-9 is offered for 99¢ I assume the #0 issue is the Battle Chasers Prelude which can be found for less than $10. Even with shipping you can have the entire series for less than $20. Are the never-before-seen sketches, new artwork, and poster worth $80?
Page 190: Savage Dragon #166
The Emperor Kurr plot has been growing, so I'm interested in seeing how Larsen resolves it and if the Dragon we all know and love will be returning to the series.
and now the other publishers...
Page 214: Terry Moore's Echo Vol 5: Black Hole TP (Abstract)
I'm still at volume 3, but I can't wait to see where this series is going. There is one more volume after this one before the series is done. I wonder what Moore has lined up for us next.
Page 214: FUBAR (Alterna)
It's zombies set in WWII. Need more? It features stories by Mike Imboden, Dominic Vivona,  and Jeff McComsey put together by Jeff McComsey with help by Jorge Vega.
Page 246: Darkwing Duck Vol 1: The Duck Knight Returns TP (BOOM!)
He's the terror that flaps in the night and a brilliant parodt/ satire of comic book superheroes.
Page 256: Vampirella Archive Vol 3 HC (Dynamite)
As long as Dark Horse and Dynamite are reprinting Warren magazines in magazine format, I'm buying them. These are some the best black and white comics produced by the cream of the crop.
and that brings up to an end.

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