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Warmageddon is a fantasy world where the economy is based on gladiator combat, a world where fighters are the only celebrities and the only true recreation is the games.

When completed the project will include comic books and other merchandise,
a pen and paper role playing game, an online role playing game, and hopefully a video game.

The Comics
The first Warmageddon story appeared in Digital Webbing Presents #17 (published by Digital Webbing,LLC) in August 2004 and was entitled Legacy. Legacy was written by Mike Imboden and illustrated by Sengkry "Senk" Chhour with grayscales by Jámal Walton and lettering by Ed Dukeshire. It was followed in September 2004 by Digital Webbing Presents #18 featuring a Warmageddon cover illustrated by Sengkry "Senk" Chhour with colors by Peter Chan and the story Travesty which saw the return of the Warmageddon team from Legacy.

NOTE: Digital Webbing Presents #17 features a variant cover.

After it's appearance in Digital Webbing Presents, Warmageddon was spun into a standalone magazine-sized anthology, Warmageddon Illustrated also published by Digital Webbing. Warmageddon Illustrated lasted for one issue which featured a cover by Shane White; stories by Jorge Vega and Mike Imboden; art by Hannu Lipponen, Senk Chhour, Jason King and Robert Rath; and an interiew and sketches by Frank Cho. It also featured a limited edition cover available only from Ultimate Comics of Durham and Chapel Hill.

Following the release of Warmageddon Illustrated, Jámal decided to self-publish the Warmageddon magazine. The name was changed from Warmageddon Illustrated to Warmageddon Quaterly and the first issue was published in Spring 2006. Jámal continues to self-publish Warmageddon Quaterly as well as Eirian and Orumil (collecting the online web comic strips) and the Warmageddon graphic novels. With Issue #5, Warmageddon Quaterly became just simply Warmageddon.

The Merchandise
In addition to the comic books, the Warmageddon line of products includes sketchbooks, prints, posters, and original art. These products and much more are all available at Bull City Comics

The Games
The ultimate goal for Warmageddon is the game. In his spare time (not that there is much spare time), Jámal works on the Warmageddon online game and pursues turning Warmageddon into a video and pen and paper RPG.

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